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Our Craft Stations are one of the best ways to keep the kids creatively engaged. Our crafts are unique and can be build a round any party/event theme.

  • Paper Craft @ Dh1200

    1. Butterfly Wings
    2. Animal Puppet
    3. Underwater Aquarium

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  • Art Craft @ Dh1200

    1. Garden Pot Decoration
    2. Funky Necklaces/Wristbands
    3. Wooden Frame Decoration

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  • Paint N' Decorate Craft @ Dh1500

    1. T Shirt Painting
    2. Beach Bag Painting
    3. Ceramic Painting
    4. Sail Boat Painting n Decoration
    5. Theme Shaped Door Hangers
    6. Jewel Box

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Price is for up to 20 children, request for a quote for additional children. Set up includes children size tables, stools, all crafting material such as paints, aprons, brushes, and decorating material.

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Call on 0566785982 / 0503956307 / 0501682479 or email info@rentapartyuae.com
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